Hi, I’m Dania. Unlike most travellers, I am actually rather terrified at the idea of leaving my comfort zone for another country. My friends typically describe me as a highly anxious, what-if-something-bad-happens type of traveller with a penchant for cleanliness.

However, thanks to the communities of travel bloggers and reviewers who share their experiences on the web, I get a much better idea of what’s in store for me where I’m going. The information helps me freak out in a more prepared way and allows me to explore the world one tiny step at a time. This blog is my way of giving my two cents back and passing it on, hopefully it can help someone out too (:

Everything reviewed here is what I have personally experienced. It may or may not hold true for you at a different point in time, so if you disagree, feel free to leave a comment and share your perspective!

The word “experiences” in the title is read as both a noun and a verb. The former, an encapsulation of all that I’ve seen, heard, done, thought and felt thus far; the latter, a tough but necessary reminder to myself to continuously stay open to new encounters and take those steps into the unfamiliar.