Review: Malt House, Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)

My husband and I initially wanted to have dinner at another restaurant but when we went there, we found out that it was closed. We then walked along the same street to find alternatives and saw Malt House, which was in our list of restaurants to check out.

Street view of Malt House restaurant

The restaurant interior was rather bland and unimpressive, only the bar area seemed to be where a bit more thought was put into. The vibe I got was a very sterile and functional one, which was further emphasized by the young waitresses’ perfunctory service. Fortunately, this restaurant’s saving grace came in the form of a more experienced staff member (I couldn’t be sure if she was actually the owner), a sweet older lady who was warm and enthusiastic in her manner towards us. She seemed genuinely happy to have us there, and even offered to take a photo for us.

Malt House restaurant's dining area

Malt House restaurant's bar

We ordered a starter of halloumi fries with beetroot yoghurt dressing and a chicken parmigiana to share. The food tasted pretty average, I felt we could’ve gotten better-tasting food elsewhere for lower prices compared to what we were paying here. The chicken was a little dry and the batter was tougher than it was crispy. The beetroot yoghurt dressing did intrigue us a little as we had never tried this combination of ingredients with halloumi fries before, but that was probably the most interesting thing on the plate. I’m hazarding a guess that maybe people come here more for the alcohol than the food.

Halloumi fries with beetroot yoghurt dressing at Malt House restaurant

Chicken parmigiana dish at Malt House restaurant

My overall rating of the experience: 3 out of 5 stars. The atmosphere in the restaurant wasn’t all that inviting, the food we had was not fantastic enough to warrant the prices we paid, and most of the staff who served us seemed like they didn’t really want to be there. However, because I honestly appreciated how that wonderful staff lady made us feel so welcome and taken care of, I decided to add one more star to the original 2-star rating. If you eventually do choose to visit this restaurant, hopefully you get to experience her great service too (:

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