Review: Corbett & Claude Restaurant, Elizabeth Street (Brisbane, Australia)

Finding this restaurant was a little challenging because there were construction works being carried out on the building next to it and the area was hoarded up. Thanks to the lone menu stand put out on the street, my husband and I were able to locate the well-disguised entrance to the restaurant (we arrived from the direction where we could only see the brick wall and not the huge PIZZA KITCHEN banner, that would’ve made life easier heh).

Alleyway leading to the entrance of Corbett & Claude Restaurant

Entrance to Corbett & Claude Restaurant

Stepping inside, it felt like I had just entered a vibrant underground cove where the cool crowd came to rendezvous. The place was teeming with lively conversations, creating a buzzing atmosphere. Although the decor was largely industrial-inspired (which could potentially give off a cold and perfunctory vibe), the fuzzy glow from the dim lights and the energy from the crowd made the restaurant feel really warm and inviting.

Having made a prior reservation, we were promptly shown to our seats. The staff were wonderfully helpful and polite. They took the time to explain what the dishes were, attended to us in a timely manner and genuinely wished us an enjoyable dinner. Their friendliness made us feel very welcome (:

Seating area and the bar at Corbett & Claude Restaurant

Seating area and a window opening into the kitchen at Corbett & Claude Restaurant

Window opening into the kitchen at Corbett & Claude Restaurant

The food wasn’t as stellar compared to the restaurant’s atmosphere and service. It was average, not bad but not particularly good either. We had halloumi fries for the appetizer, a main of spaghetti bolognese and a brownie with vanilla ice cream dessert. I liked that the spaghetti was cooked to a softer texture than al dente and that the bolognese sauce tasted straightforward and uncomplicated. The minced meat, however, was rather dry and overcooked. Dessert was over the top with too much sugar on the plate (chocolate cream on the brownie, caramel sauce on the bottom and chocolate sauce over the ice cream), only having the tartness of a single strawberry to cut through all that sweetness. I think it would’ve been a much more enjoyable dish if there had been a better balance of flavours.

Halloumi fries at Corbett & Claude Restaurant

Spaghetti bolognese at Corbett & Claude Restaurant

Brownie and vanilla ice cream at Corbett & Claude Restaurant

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. I loved the lively yet cosy ambience of the restaurant, as well as the interactions I had with the friendly staff. The food was okay and it was generally a pleasant meal, although there were details of the dishes that could’ve been further refined on the chefs’ part. Prices were also very reasonable, which was great. I would’ve given a rating of 5 stars had the food been better! With that said, this experience was a nice one and I would be back again if I visit Brisbane in future (:

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