Review: Oasia Hotel Novena (Singapore)

In light of all the uncertainty brought about by the covid-19 situation, many hotels are understandably churning out promotional deals to continue securing a steady stream of customers. From a long list of hotel promotions, my husband and I chose Oasia Hotel Novena because it was a deal too good to be missed! This hotel is located within Singapore’s premier medical hub, so on top of providing services to regular tourists, they also cater to medical tourists and their families.

Entrance to Oasia Hotel Novena
Hotel entrance


Although we were greeted by a cold, stony grey hotel exterior at the entrance, once we went inside to check in, it felt a lot more inviting with the warmer hues and wood panelling. It took slightly longer than usual for the staff to check us in as they seemed to be writing on pieces of paper quite a bit. Once they had processed our check-in, the staff kindly provided us with all the information we needed for our stay and informed us that they had upgraded us to the deluxe room (yay!).

Lobby reception area at Oasia Hotel Novena
Lobby reception area


The Deluxe Room was pristine and immaculate (almost to the point of clinical). My guess is that everything would be easier to sanitize since the hotel also serves medical tourists. But I liked how the wood and earthy tones of beige and grey were used to make the space feel more cosy and appealing. And there was a faux bay window seating area! I absolutely love those, a perfect nook for reading.

One interesting feature in the room was the bathroom corridor (I have never encountered a design like this in a hotel room). We used this corridor to access the water closet and the shower. There is only one common door between the two that you could slide to “close” for privacy, which I thought was rather odd, because then what happens if both the toilet and the shower need to be used at the same time? But anyway! Overall, it was a nice and clean bathroom that could afford to have a bit more space added to it.

Deluxe Room with bay window at Oasia Hotel Novena

Deluxe Room at Oasia Hotel Novena

Deluxe Room at Oasia Hotel Novena

Bathroom in Deluxe Room at Oasia Hotel Novena

The view of surrounding buildings from Deluxe Room at Oasia Hotel Novena
View from the room


Immediately after checking in, we sat down at The Marmalade Pantry for lunch to enjoy the 1-for-1 main course deal that came with our hotel package. This restaurant is well-known for its pastas and pastries, as well as weekend brunches and tea accompaniments. It certainly lived up to its glorious reputation (:

Entrance to The Marmalade Pantry at Oasia Hotel Novena

The Marmalade Pantry's bar at Oasia Hotel Novena

Once we had our fill, we put our things down in the room and started exploring! The main pool and gym were a tad too squeezy for my liking, but given that this hotel is on prime real estate, space is indeed a luxury.

Swimming pool at Oasia Hotel Novena
Hotel pool

Once we stepped out of the lift on the level of the club lounge (also known as The Living Room), the rows of glistening lights above, coupled with the wood decor, made the ambience feel so relaxing and resort-like. Upon entering the club lounge, a friendly member of staff welcomed us and surprised us with a small box of macarons when she found out that we recently celebrated our dating anniversary! I really appreciated her sincere and thoughtful gesture, that made our stay here extra special (:

The club lounge was the most impressive of all the facilities in the hotel. It exuded such a comfy, romantic and spacious vibe despite its actual size, probably in part due to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Not to mention the huge pool and a jacuzzi at the other end of the lounge. I could sit here all day just chilling with a book in hand.

Club lounge lift lobby with fairy lights above at Oasia Hotel Novena
Club lounge lift lobby

Dining area in the club lounge at Oasia Hotel Novena
Club lounge interior

Food and drinks bar in the club lounge at Oasia Hotel Novena
Food and drinks bar

Exclusive club lounge swimming pool at Oasia Hotel Novena
Club lounge pool

The next morning, our package entitled us to a 1-hour morning fitness activity with an instructor (I think it was yoga that day) but I’m not much of a morning person so we decided to sleep in instead. We did, however, get up in time for our complimentary breakfast at The Marmalade Pantry. Although the selection was not as wide as other hotel breakfasts we’ve had, the chefs undoubtedly made up for that in terms of quality. The eggs chef cooked me a perfect omelette, the “just right” melt-in-your-mouth type of goodness. It was the best made-to-order breakfast omelette I’d tasted so far.

The Marmalade Pantry's breakfast buffet spread of hot food at Oasia Hotel Novena

The Marmalade Pantry's breakfast buffet spread of pastries and cereal at Oasia Hotel Novena

The tantalizing goodies from our hotel package didn’t stop there at breakfast. After heading back to our room to lounge about until our late check-out time at 3pm, we then returned for the final time to The Marmalade Pantry for our complimentary high-tea set! We were served two-tiers packed with small bites such as mini-sandwiches, cupcakes and scones, as well as a drink of our choice. We both went for the hot chocolate, which tasted legit. The desserts were well-balanced and not overly sweet, and the beef and egg mini-sandwiches were exceptionally delicious. What a delightful way to end our stay here (:

Two-tier high tea set from The Marmalade Pantry at Oasia Hotel Novena

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. Truth be told, the room itself and its views aren’t really worth raving about, but the friendliness and personal touches from the staff, as well as the awesome quality of the food here contributed greatly to this rating. Cleanliness levels were spot-on too. In addition, for all the perks and goodies we got in our package, the price was still surprisingly affordable and well worth every penny we paid.

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