Review: Healing Touch Spa, Rendezvous Hotel (Singapore)

Healing Touch Spa has been recommended to me multiple times by many friends and colleagues. They have branches at various locations but I heard that the service quality and staff ability is not consistent across branches, so the branch you choose to visit apparently matters greatly. My colleague shared that she’s a repeat customer of the branch at Rendezvous Hotel and was open to letting us use her package credits to get a discounted price. Since my husband was in need of a massage, we decided to give it a shot.

Entrance to Healing Touch Spa at Rendezvous Hotel
Healing Touch storefront

The staff’s hospitality and service was already felt even before we physically set foot in the store. As our appointment was late in the evening and Rendenzvous Hotel would’ve cordoned off certain entrances, the staff managing our reservation gave us very clear instructions on how to access the store (she kindly repeated the instructions upon request as well). They could’ve let us fumble and figure it out when we got there, but they pre-empted and offered this information to help us smoothly find our way, which I greatly appreciated (:

When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist who assisted us with making payment using my colleague’s credits (we paid a discounted price of $47.82 per person for a one-hour full body massage). The lounge area was surprisingly small and simple though, and having been spoiled by the spas we’ve visited in other countries (such as the one in Bali reviewed here), I was pretty disappointed that there was no welcome drink or pre-massage foot bath/scrub. On the plus side, we didn’t have to wait at all as our masseuses were ready for us.

Lounge area at Healing Touch Spa at Rendezvous Hotel
Lounge area

I was ushered into a room that was rather “bare minimum” in its set-up, but I liked that the towels and environment were tidy and clean (very important!). The bed was comfortable and not too hard. My masseuse was very professional and in-tune with my body’s responses – she adjusted to a lighter pressure when she sensed my discomfort and worked a little extra on my nasty knots without me needing to ask her. There was also not much talking, which was great, but I did get to find out that she’s from Thailand during our initial small talk. My husband shared that he also got a decent massage from his masseuse and didn’t need to ask her to adjust much (he prefers deep pressure massages). Given the current covid-19 situation, we had to keep our masks on throughout our massage.

Unfortunately, another disappointment was that there was no post-massage hot tea available. Although I doubt that providing hot tea after a massage would drive costs up significantly, I guess Healing Touch’s focus is more on their core services instead of these peripheral value-added services.

Single room massage bed at Healing Touch Spa at Rendezvous Hotel
Massage room

My overall rating of the experience: 3 out of 5 stars. It was very much an experience with no fuss or frills – we went in, got a massage, and went out. I think it’s really hard to find a massage service provider in Singapore that offers the whole suite of value-added services like those from other countries (eg. welcome drinks, personal preference surveys, foot baths/scrubs, choice of massage oils, post-massage hot drinks). So in comparing similar services here in Singapore, this experience was definitely not a bad one. All in all, the staff were courteous and welcoming, things were clean and hygienic, and the massages we received were decent (:

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