Review: Bob The Baker Boy, Sembawang Road (Singapore)

I’ve heard many good reviews about Bob The Baker Boy and their products, but never really had the opportunity to try them out. Fortunately, that opportunity came around when I was blessed with a Bob The Baker Boy pastry gift box during one of Klook’s live streams! Many of the hotels and their awesome promotional packages reviewed on my blog were purchased from Klook (if you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up with my link and we both get $5 credit!).

When I received the gift box via delivery, I was super excited to try out each element inside. Out of a total of 6 items, 3 of them were cookies-and-cream items, my favourite flavour (score!). I also liked that the packaging was clean, simple and rustic. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving brown paper packages tied up with strings?

Gift box from Bob The Baker Boy

Opened gift box from Bob The Baker Boy

The first thing I tried was the blueberry cheesecake and cookies-and-cream mini tarts, sprinkled with gold dust and cookie crumbs respectively. I thought they were the perfect size for dessert, like those petite delights from a fancy afternoon tea, with just the right level of sweetness. Each tart had a nice mix of textures: The creaminess of the filling, the crumbly goodness of the tart base and either the freshness of the blueberries or the crunchiness of the cookie crumbs. The part I loved most was the buttery tart base that seemed pretty solid when I held it in my fingers, but softened and crumbled wonderfully in my mouth.

Blueberry cheesecake mini tart from Bob The Baker Boy

Cookies-and-cream mini tart from Bob The Baker Boy

Next up was the cookies-and-cream macarons. I have never been a fan of macarons as most of the ones I’ve tried are sickly sweet. These macarons were not too bad, but still overwhelmingly saccharine compared to the other items in the box. Certainly not my favourite of the lot, even though it was cookies-and-cream flavoured. The macaron shells were done pretty well though, well-risen with a nice glossy sheen.

Cookies-and-cream macaron from Bob The Baker Boy

Making a very unwise decision, I proceeded to leave the pastry box in the fridge without labelling it as I was planning to pace out the consumption of these goodies across more days. The next day, I discovered that my cookies-and-cream cupcake had been completely devoured by my mom (nooo, the horror!), leaving me no morsel to sample. Haha oh well, I then interviewed her for her opinion. She described the cupcake as heavenly: The cake itself was moist, light and airy, topped off with deliciously smooth Oreo cream. Sounds like I really missed out, heh.

After that, I tried the Au Naturel brownie square that came with a customized Klook logo. According to its description on the website, it should be ‘moist and fudgy’. Moist? Not so much. Fudgy and chewy? Yup, very much so. I would’ve preferred it to be more ‘moist’ than ‘fudgy’, but that aside, it was quite well-balanced in its sweetness.

Au Naturel brownie square with customized Klook logo on top from Bob The Baker Boy

Last but not least was the packet of fleur de sel (ie. salted) molten lava chocolate cookies. There were interesting white concentric circles in the chocolate, apparently called chocolate blooms, that are a result of ambient humidity (safe to eat!). I followed the instructions on the packet and the cookies came out fabulously molten and gooey. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the salt was rather carelessly sprinkled on as it was highly concentrated in certain areas, making those bites extremely salty and unpleasant. I spent quite a bit of effort trying to brush the salt off so that I could properly enjoy the mild bitterness of the chocolate and the light buttery crunch of the cookie. Their normal molten lava chocolate cookies without the salt component might be an infinitely better bet.

Fleur de sel salted molten lava chocolate cookie from Bob The Baker Boy

Fleur de sel salted molten lava chocolate cookie from Bob The Baker Boy

My overall rating of the experience: 3 out of 5 stars. Some items were real hits while the others were regrettable misses. If I were to place an order, I’d definitely get the mini tarts and cupcakes without hesitation! Those mini tarts were simply a joy to eat, having great balance of flavours and textures. Despite not being able to savour the cupcake myself, my mom’s description was enough to put this on my must-try list. The molten lava cookies were quite yummy, sans the salt overkill. I’m fairly open to trying the non-salted version of the cookies, hopefully that flavour profile is more palatable. As for the brownie and macarons, one was too dry and the other was too sweet, so it’s a sure ‘no’ from me. In terms of presentation, I must say the bakers here seem to really take pride in their work. Each item looked even and consistent with so much attention to detail, like the gold dust and cookie crumb sprinkles, as well as the beautifully piped cream atop the mini tarts and cupcake. Alas, I don’t know when I’ll be able to enjoy these bakes again as the self-collection point is too far out and the delivery fee is too costly for a small order. Hopefully their business booms and they expand to have more outlets, increasing their reach to eager customers like me (:

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