Review: Whiskdom Cookies & Brownies, Alexandra Central Mall (Singapore)

Whiskdom has been popping up on my Instagram feed for the longest time, tempting me with their mouthwatering photos of gooey goodness. However, I hesitated to pull the trigger because of the overall cost, as well as the $4 delivery when ordering direct from their website (went through this similar thought process for Bob The Baker Boy). It wasn’t long before I saw a Pickupp delivery ad on Instagram again (are you guys in cahoots?!) offering island-wide delivery at $1.90 and a random $5 discount! This was the sign I needed, and so I bought myself an Assorted Six (Classic) bake box to try (:

Whiskdom cookies and brownies bake box

Opened Whiskdom cookies and brownies bake box

There were 3 cookie flavours included: Chunky Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Overloaded and Berries & Crème. These were slightly crispy on the outside and soft and gloopy on the inside – so good but I don’t know want to know how much oil and butter goes into them. The Chunky Chocolate Chip cookie batter had more salt in it than I would’ve preferred. My husband also commented that it tasted almost like a savoury cookie. Out of the three, I’d recommend the Dark Chocolate Overloaded cookie as the bitterness of the dark chocolate helps cut through some of the sweetness, making it the perfect flavour balance.

Chunky Chocolate Chip cookie from Whiskdom
Chunky Chocolate Chip

Dark Chocolate Overloaded cookie from from Whiskdom
Dark Chocolate Overloaded

Berries & Crème cookie from Whiskdom
Berries & Crème

Now, onto the brownies! The 3 flavours were Salted Dark Chocolate, Speculoos Delight and Matcha Cocoa. These were amazingly soft and moist, with thick and smooth centre fillings. Yum! Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the Speculoos Delight brownie. I usually don’t opt for speculoos-flavoured desserts as they tend to be overly sweet, but this one was quite well-balanced. My husband liked the Matcha Cocoa brownie as it had the legit taste of fragrant matcha coming through.

Salted Dark Chocolate brownie from Whiskdom
Salted Dark Chocolate

Speculoos Delight brownie from Whiskdom
Speculoos Delight

Matcha Cocoa brownie from Whiskdom
Matcha Cocoa

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. Loved that the flavours were delicious and the textures were super on-point (I typically like my cookies and brownies soft, moist and slightly chewy). Detailed care instructions were provided too, which was great in helping me decide how best to have my cookies and brownies – remember not to refrigerate the cookies! We had trouble finishing them on our own because of their sheer size and richness (not that this would be a problem for those with a sweet tooth), so definitely plan to share. The main downside would be in terms of value – even with the discounts, it’s still a bit on the pricey side so I can’t imagine purchasing it undiscounted. Having said that, it is something that you must try at least once! Great for sharing at special occasions (:

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