Review: Food For Thought, Stamford Road (Singapore)

Housed within the colonial walls of the National Museum of Singapore, Food For Thought is a restaurant that serves up Western bistro fare with a local twist. This was where my husband and I had lunch just after collecting our marriage certificate from the Registry of Marriages nearby (: Since we were staying at Hotel Fort Canning that day, we decided to have lunch here again!

Getting here from Hotel Fort Canning was not the easiest though because many of the usual path shortcuts have been sealed off in view of covid measures. We had to make a big detour through Fort Canning Park to get to the only entrance to the museum at the bottom of the hill.

Entrance to Food For Thought restaurant

  • Our order:
    • Grilled salmon quinoa ($23+)
    • Creamy carbonara ($18+)
    • Horlicks malteser milkshake ($8.50+)
  • Spent: SGD$52.97

What really drew us here in the first place, besides the fact that they serve yummy food for a good cause, was the bright and open seating space. With natural light streaming through the full-height glass walls and ceiling, it creates an absolutely lovely ambience. There are other “indoor” seating areas with a cosier feel and warm lighting if that’s something you prefer.

Outdoor seating area at Food For Thought restaurant
“Outdoor” seating area

Indoor seating area at Food For Thought restaurant
“Indoor” seating area

I ordered the grilled salmon quinoa – I loved that this was pretty much a superfood dish, making me feel like I was making healthy choices 😛 The salmon was quite soft with the skin nicely seared (but way too salty for my liking) and the yuzu sauce was a nice level of tanginess. My husband ordered the creamy carbonara – it was well-flavoured and creamy, but maybe a bit too creamy. I ate about 5 to 6 twirls of pasta before giving up and letting my husband conquer the rest. He also got a horlicks malteser milkshake, which was smooth and malty without being overly thick (yum, my favourite kind of milkshake), although we would’ve liked it a little less sweet.

Creamy carbonara and horlicks malteser milkshake from Food For Thought restaurant
Creamy carbonara and horlicks malteser milkshake

Grilled salmon quinoa from Food For Thought restaurant
Grilled salmon quinoa

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. What I like most about this restaurant is the bright, open, airy feel from all that natural light, a great place to while away our afternoon. In terms of food, you generally won’t have to worry about tasteless items here. Everything we had was deftly seasoned and flavourful, though our aging tastebuds would’ve preferred a scaled-back intensity for some of the elements. Prices are comparable to other resturants serving similar fare in the town area, which basically means they’re slightly on the expensive side, but still sufficiently value for money given that they don’t charge service fees. It’s also possibly for this same reason that their service was rather forgettable. All in all, we’d definitely be back if we’re in the area and looking for a quiet, relaxing spot to dine at!

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