Review: Saveur Restaurant, Purvis Street (Singapore)

As my husband and I had a stay at Hotel NuVe Heritage, I planned for us to have dinner that evening at Saveur since it was just a few steps away from the hotel. This restaurant sits unassumingly in one of the many shophouses that line Purvis Street. One other pull factor for choosing this restaurant was the Kris+ promotion (DM me for a referral code, we both get $5!) that could earn us 6 miles per dollar spent if payment is made via the app. That really helped to sweeten the deal!

Wine bottle display at Saveur restaurant

  • Our order:
    • Saveur’s pasta ($15++)
    • Pan-fried foie gras 100g ($29++)
    • Scottish salmon ($29++)
    • Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream ($14++)
    • Chocolate ice cream (free)
  • Spent: SGD$102.40

The interior of the restaurant was strangely bare, not sure if they removed some decor to make it easier to clean and sanitize in a time of covid. This barrenness definitely affected the ambience a little as the space felt colder and less inviting. Service from the wait staff was equally minimalist. They simply did what was required of them, nothing more. Don’t get me wrong, they were polite and all that, but the nature of our interactions was bland and made us feel like just another anonymous number to them.

Seating area at Saveur restaurant

What really stood out here was the food (: Our two starters were the foie gras and signature pasta with truffle and sakura ebi. My husband is the only one between the two of us who eats foie gras so this description was (rather painstakingly) extracted from him: Soft and creamy, the sweetness from the fruits nicely balanced the richness of the foie gras while the crunchy nuts added a layer of texture. It was so good that he couldn’t bear to eat it too fast, which was quite a funny sight to watch. The signature pasta was fragrant and delicious as always, having just the right amount of salty and umami flavours in the dish. Love it! ❤

Bread basket, pan-fried foie gras and Saveur's pasta from Saveur restaurant

Next up was our Scottish salmon main! Thank goodness we decided to share this as the portion was mighty huge. The salmon was cooked fairly well, with most parts of it moist and some parts of it dry. Underneath it was a bed of zesty, well-seasoned vegetables that would’ve made for a formidable starter dish in and of itself. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Pan-seared Scottish salmon on vegetables from Saveur restaurant

Finally, it was time for dessert. This was from another Kris+ promotion where spending a minimum of $50 here allows you to redeem a complimentary dessert, which turned out to be a big dollop of chocolate ice cream. In addition, we ordered a lava cake with vanilla ice cream, one of my favourite desserts. Needless to say, both were an absolute treat, though the chocolate ice cream made me feel a tad “heaty” halfway through.

Chocolate ice cream and chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream from Saveur restaurant

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. I must say the food is truly the highlight here and if you couldn’t care less for an inviting ambience and warm service, this would probably be a full 5 stars instead. Everything we ate was well-executed and flavourful, portions were generous too. For these same prices at some other restaurants serving similar fare, it isn’t as solid a guarantee that you’ll get food at this standard and quality, so I thought this was pretty worth it. This is definitely a restaurant I’ll return to over and over again, but hopefully they’ll liven up the place a bit more with some decor.

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