Review: The Landing Point – Best Of Both Worlds Afternoon Tea, The Fullerton Bay Hotel (Singapore)

The Landing Point is one of the many hotel-operated restaurants at The Fullerton Bay Hotel that my husband and I dined at when we last stayed here. This restaurant is the main venue that serves afternoon tea, with a rotating menu that changes every month. On weekdays, there is only one seating from 3pm to 5.30pm ($60++ per adult) while on weekends, there are two seatings from 12pm to 2.30pm and 3.30pm to 6pm ($65++ per adult). The restaurant offers options of adding on various beverages like wine, champagne, juices and soft drinks.

As we encountered a rather unpleasant incident during our previous stay, we were offered complimentary afternoon tea for two here as service recovery, which we were incredibly appreciative of. At the time when we made a reservation, the theme of the month was Best Of Both Worlds, a menu inspired by local cuisine from Australia and Singapore. We were excited to come back here to enjoy the ambience and try out another theme for their afternoon tea!

Entrance to The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

  • Our order:
    • Best Of Both Worlds afternoon tea for 2
    • The Triple C Fullerton Super Shake
  • Spent: SGD$0

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were ushered to the comfy corner sofa seat that offered gorgeous views of the Marina Bay area. I love the bright and open atmosphere created by the sunlight streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows, simply perfect for chilling at with a cup of tea in hand. In addition to the seats by the glass windows, there are also plush sofa seats on ground level that are equally inviting, albeit with a slightly less direct view of the bay. Alternatively, if the weather permits, you can opt to sit outdoors on the deck.

Indoor seating area at The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Indoor seating area at The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Outdoor seating area at The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

One of the staff attending to us shared that replenishment of the savoury items was unlimited but we would only get one serving of the sweet items. Our set also came with a selection of free-flow coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as two glasses of Sangre de Toro 0% alcohol rosé.

Similar to the afternoon tea we had for in-room dining during our recent stay, I thought many of the items truly tasted just as their description said they would! Most had flavours that were subtle and not over-the-top but definitely present in every bite.

Best Of Both Worlds afternoon tea food and drinks from The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

I very much preferred the savoury items over the sweet ones so I guess it worked out that only the savouries could be refilled. These are the savoury items:
Smoked beetroot, whipped feta, dukkah tart (beetroot tasted bland and unseasoned)
Lemon myrtle and Szechuan cured Tasmanian salmon with cream cheese, mini éclair (creamy with a hint of refreshing lemon to cut through the richness)
Curry chicken vol-au-vent (chicken was tender and nicely flavoured with spices)
Cucumber sandwich with salted butter (this was just… cucumber sandwiches)
Caramelised soy-marinated pulled pork, crispy mini bun (pork was wonderfully moist and flavourful)
Truffled egg-chives mayonnaise, spinach bread (fragrant and delicious, they didn’t skimp on the truffle for sure)

Our favourites were the salmon éclairs, pulled pork buns, truffled egg mayo sandwiches and curry chicken pastries (: As for the other two, we didn’t ask for seconds as they weren’t as great. We would’ve liked for these items to be hot though, it was a bit of a pity that they were left sitting out on a refill tray by the counter.

Savoury afternoon tea items from The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

On to the sweets! Very regrettably, not one of them impressed at all. These are the sweet items from the menu:
Fullerton signature pandan lamington (well-executed but unfortunately, coconut flavours aren’t exactly my thing)
Lychee bandung swiss roll (way too much cream compared to cake, my husband likened its taste to that of a hotel carpet(?!) – your guess is as good as mine how he knows what hotel carpets taste like)
Aussie summer fruit tart (every element was hard and dry, what happened to regular soft and custardy fruit tarts?)
Dark chocolate flourless cake, roselle (average)
Coconut banana frangipane (same comment as that for the pandan lamington)
Chendol macaron (not as off-puttingly sweet but I still wouldn’t be able to finish one on my own)
Plain and raisin scones served with clotted cream and jam (dense and solid)

I’m generally not a fan of coconut flavours so that made the pandan lamington and coconut banana frangipane less appealing to me taste wise, though objectively speaking, they were fairly well-executed. If I had to pick a favourite, the dark chocolate flourless cake would be it (but even then, it was pretty much like any other average chocolate cake). This was a shame as I really liked the sweet items from the Mid-Autumn Treasures themed afternoon tea we had on our recent stay.

Sweet afternoon tea items from The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Scones and condiments from The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

On top of what was included in the afternoon tea set, we ordered The Triple C Fullerton Super Shake (priced at $10++), which is basically a chocolate milkshake with chocolate-coated sticks and chocolate chip cookies. It tasted okay and the cookies were quite decent, though I probably wouldn’t revisit it again at this price point.

When my husband picked up the straw to drink the milkshake, he noticed a coffee bean lodged very fittingly in the mouth of the straw. I initially brushed it off as a possible curated experiential gesture that chefs sometimes add to fancify their creations. Upon closer inspection, we realized that there was white furry stuff on the bean, which then raised some red flags.

Daniel (who seemed to be the manager) was quick to catch on to our predicament, so he approached us to apologize and pass us another straw. He then proceeded to check the rest of the straws near the coffee machine to ensure there were no other rogue items lurking in them. Awesome efficiency and promptness in addressing the issue.

The Triple C chocolate milkshake and glasses of Sangre de Toro 0% alcohol rosé from The Landing Point restaurant at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Service wise, we got warm and welcoming vibes from all the staff here. They were professional and on the ball with keeping our glasses of water filled. I thought Daniel’s level of service was particularly noteworthy as he was subtly observant without being intrusive, always appearing at the right time to offer us assistance. Super impressive!

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. The only letdown was the plate of sweet items as none of them appealed to us. Some were too dense and dry, others tasted funky and strange. I had trouble reconciling this fact because I absolutely enjoyed the sweet items from the previous month’s afternoon tea! Having said that, the savoury items were mostly delicious. We also couldn’t get enough of the lovely, alluring ambience here and we ended up staying for 3 whole hours sipping tea (me) and doing work (husband). Service was top-notch as usual, as we experienced during our recent stay. The staff really made us feel well taken care of, from offering to take photos for us when they saw us doing selfies to conscientiously but inconspicuously noticing if we needed refills for food and drinks. Lastly, when we asked for the bill (since we ordered the milkshake at an additional cost), Daniel shared that the bill had already been settled and thanked us for coming! It’s amazing how they truly aim to create a very pleasant guest experience and I must say they’ve outdone themselves (: We’ll be back for sure!

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