Review: Bootstrap Beverages Cold Brew Coffee & Tea

Bootstrap Beverages is a company that specializes in cold brews made from 100% Arabica beans, which are sourced and produced sustainably from their family-run farms in Bali Kintamani. They use all-natural ingredients in their products without including additional sweeteners, awesome (: Their cold brew teas are made in collaboration with Kindred Teas, who provides premium artisanal tea blends.

I heard about Bootstrap Beverages as it was one of the reward options from the Google Pay scratch cards. A quick search about them piqued my interest to try them out. The reward I got entailed a $10 discount on the Bootstrap Mix Pack ($35). In reality, the discount was only $5 because a minimum spend of $35 on their website would automatically trigger free delivery for my order. However, with the $10 discount, my order fell below the minimum spend and I had to pay a $5 delivery fee (yay marketing). Haha oh well, a small discount is better than no discount.

Just a disclaimer that I rarely drink coffee and tea as I’m quite sensitive to caffeine, so I can only describe my layman experience as best as I can with my limited vocabulary on this subject matter!

Box of Bootstrap Beverages cold brew coffee and tea drinks

Box of Bootstrap Beverages cold brew coffee and tea drinks

  • My order:
    • Bootstrap Mix Pack ($25)
      • Milk & Manuka Honey Cold Brew Coffee (x1)
      • Oat Milk Cold Brew Coffee (x1)
      • Strong Cold Brew Coffee (x1)
      • Black Cold Brew Coffee (x1)
      • Rooibos Orange Cold Brew Tea (x1)
      • Hojicha Cold Brew Tea (x1)
  • Spent: SGD$30 ($25 + $5 delivery fee)

I must say that they have quite an efficient delivery service as I placed my order on a Monday afternoon and received it ice-cold on Tuesday afternoon, very nice.

The first bottle we tried was the milk and manuka honey cold brew coffee! Ingredients include fresh milk, premium New Zealand manuka honey and fresh roasted organic coffee. My husband said he could smell the honey even before drinking it. Surprisingly, he remarked that this white coffee was very strong but I didn’t feel the same, which was great. Maybe because it wasn’t overly acidic, with the honey’s sweetness and milkiness featuring much more prominently. This was our favourite of the lot ❤

A bottle of Bootstrap Beverages milk and manuka honey cold brew coffee

Right after that, we tried the rooibos orange cold brew tea, comprising South African tisane rooibos tea infused with orange and lightly sweetened with wildflower honey. Super light and refreshing, it released a hint of fruity, floral fragrance when I uncapped it. Even better that it’s caffeine-free so we had no qualms stacking this with the milk and manuka honey coffee on the same day 😛

A bottle of Bootstrap Beverages rooibos orange cold brew tea

The next day, we had the oat milk cold brew coffee that was simply their signature cold brew coffee mixed with 100% dairy-free organic oat milk. This tasted slightly more acidic than the milk and manuka honey one but equally smooth and creamy. My husband really liked the ratio of coffee to milk such that the coffee wasn’t too overpowering.

A bottle of Bootstrap Beverages oat milk cold brew coffee

Next was the hojicha cold brew tea made with premium roasted Japanese green tea with tasting notes of coffee, roasted barley and caramel. This has lower caffeine levels and zero sugar. Similar to the rooibos orange tea, this was soothingly light and thirst-quenching with a roasted fragrance to it. I did think this drink would’ve benefited from having a little honey or something of the sort to sweeten it up just a little bit.

A bottle of Bootstrap Beverages hojicha cold brew tea

The last two bottles of coffee were our least preferred and we seriously procrastinated trying these as the words “strong” and “black” on the labels were grave deterrents. An equivalent of four full cups of coffee, the strong cold brew coffee is pure, unadulterated black coffee that has no sugar nor calories (a boon for some, I’m sure). Just a whiff of this potent mixture was enough for me to know that I wouldn’t be taking anymore than a tiny sip of it. It was expectedly bitter and way more acidic than the rest of the coffees, though the texture was still smooth and easy. This would probably work for you if you need a strong pick-me-up or something to keep you awake. I’d also describe the black cold brew coffee as such, with the main difference being that this one only packs the equivalent of two full cups of coffee.

A bottle of Bootstrap Beverages strong cold brew coffee

A bottle of Bootstrap Beverages black cold brew coffee

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. Delivery was very prompt with fairly reasonable prices and great-tasting products (especially the milk-based ones which we enjoyed the most). I also love the fact that the company focuses on sustainability and supporting local communities in Bali. Maybe if we had just bought the milk-based coffees, this would’ve been a straight 5-star rating but unfortunately, the strong and black coffees were rather intolerable and unfinishable (for a non-coffee drinker such as I, that is). We did like the teas as well but we would’ve preferred it a tad sweeter. If we do purchase our next 6-pack, it’ll definitely be the milk and manuka honey cold brew coffee! Oh yes, and if you’d like your fridge to be regularly stocked with these goodies, they do have subscription plans that you can explore (:

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