Review: Hamburg Steak Keisuke Restaurant, Peck Seah Street (Singapore)

Since my husband and I were staying at Oasia Hotel Downtown for the night, we were looking for someplace nearby to have dinner at. My friend recommended this restaurant for their free-flow eggs and bean sprouts. It was a short, convenient walk from the hotel anyway, plus he had me at “free-flow bean sprouts” so this restaurant it was!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that on top of the usual complimentary eggs and bean sprouts at the other Keisuke branches, this one had a full-fledged salad and egg bar with an astonishingly wide spread of dishes to choose from 😀

Entrance to Hamburg Steak Keisuke restaurant

  • Our order:
    • Keisuke prime beef hamburg steak set for 2
  • Spent: SGD$49.20

As we were quite full from evening canapes at the hotel club lounge, we only arrived at the restaurant around 9pm for dinner, which was considerably late as their last order was at that time and they closed at 10pm. Don’t make the same mistake we did – come much earlier so that you have more time to fully enjoy the salad and egg bar. We only managed to do two rounds before some items were out of stock already.

Free-flow salad and egg bar at Hamburg Steak Keisuke restaurant

I highly recommend the tamagoyaki, as per my friend’s recommendation too! Its soft yet firm texture, coupled with a slight char on the outside, made it a real delight. This version wasn’t grossly sweet like some others I’ve tried, which was great (:

The coffee jelly is also something very worth trying. I liked the balance of bitterness from the jelly with the mild sweetness of the milk. However, my husband found the jelly too bitter so I got to finish the whole lot myself heh.

Items from the salad and egg bar at Hamburg Steak Keisuke restaurant

Every customer has to order a minimum of one main each to be able to access the free-flow salad and egg bar. Both of us ordered the prime beef hamburg steak set ($20.90++) with teriyaki mayo sauce (you get to choose the type of sauce to have with it). Wow, every chunk of the hamburg I sliced off involved a whole load of juices flowing out, it was just that succulent. The fried ebi was wonderfully light and crispy too. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure what happened with the rice as it was terribly hard, making for an unpleasant chewing texture. Yesterday’s leftover rice, maybe?

Keisuke prime beef hamburg steak set from Hamburg Steak Keisuke restaurant

Generally, the ambience was quite comfortable in the minimalist-designed interior and it didn’t get too noisy even with so many customers inside. In terms of service, it was mostly touch-and-go to get the job done, albeit very politely.

Seating area at Hamburg Steak Keisuke restaurant

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. For the quality and variety of food we got here, I found it pretty worth it despite the prices being on the slightly higher end of the scale. Our mains were delicious and well-executed (except the hardened rice) and you really can’t beat having a free-flow salad and egg bar with fantastic-tasting options. It was a pity that we didn’t come early enough to fully savour all the items there before some ran out. If I were in the area again, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to dine here for sure (:

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