Review: Eevee Adventure, Sentosa Island (Singapore)

Sentosa had a themed event called Eevee Adventure a while back and since my husband and I were staying at The Barracks Hotel then, we thought we’d join in the fun! There were a few mini-events such as the Eevee Adventure Mission treasure hunt, a Pokemon Centre pop-up retail store, Eevee Meet & Greet sessions and Eevee Dance Parade stage performances, all of which were held along the Siloso and Palawan beach areas.

Giant inflatable Eevee decor at Palawan Beach Sentosa

The first mini-event we tried our hand at was the elaborate Adventure Mission, a physical treasure hunt paired with a digital quiz game. Starting at Imbiah station, we had to search for Eevee panels (12 in total) and scan the QR codes on them to take a quiz before getting a clue to the next location.

An Eevee Adventure Mission panel with Flareon and a QR code located at Sentosa's Imbiah monorail station

The clues brought us to different locations along the stretch of beaches on the island so it was a pretty good workout. We could solve all but one clue, we couldn’t find Leafeon! After a futile search all the way up to the SkyHelix, we eventually bumped into two kind souls who shared the QR code with us so we could finally complete the whole mission 😛

A screenshot of Leafeon and the unsolved Eevee Adventure Mission clue

For the last mission, we were required to submit a Sentosa spend receipt of at least $15 via a Telegram bot (yup, the prizes don’t come for free haha). Once our receipts were approved, we got to select one pokeball out of nine for a prize! I won a Psycheon plushie while my husband snagged a Vaporeon one. Of course, there were more epic prizes like hotel stays in Sentosa but we’ll take what we can get 😀

The Eevee Adventure Mission redemption booth at Palawan Beach Sentosa

Our Psycheon and Vaporean plushie prizes from the Eevee Adventure Mission

We didn’t manage to attend the Meet & Greet session at Palawan Green as capacity was limited and the queue started forming as early as 30 minutes prior to the session (we were still having our dinner at Summerhouse Beach Club at that time). Oh well, I guess there was still the tiny Pokemon Centre pop-up store to peruse…

The Pokemon Centre pop-up retail store at Palawan Beach Sentosa

The finale to round up our entire escapade was the Dance Parade with the characters dressed up in the various Eevee evolution ponchos. I was looking forward to this mini-event the most, who can resist nine oversized Eevees just being incredibly adorable? Similar to the Adventure Mission, we had to submit a receipt with a minimum spend of $15 via the same Telegram bot for one entry ticket. Fortunately, we kept our receipt from dinner at Bedrock Origin the night before, which allowed us to redeem two tickets at one shot.

The stage and seating for the Eevee Dance Parade with Evolution Poncho performance at Palawan Beach Sentosa

As the past few nights had been plagued with heavy downpour, I was legit worried that there wasn’t even going to be a show (shows get cancelled in the event of rain with no ticket refunds or reschedules). Thankfully, our prayers for good weather were answered and we got to fully enjoy the show! There were prizes given out for answering quiz questions (the emcee mostly picked the kids, aww) but the highlight for me was watching the Eevee characters do silly things while the emcee was talking. It was hilariously cute!

Dancing Eevee characters on stage during the Eevee Dance Parade with Evolution Poncho performance at Palawan Beach Sentosa
Eevee characters in the middle of a dance number

The Eevee characters taking a final bow during the Eevee Dance Parade with Evolution Poncho performance at Palawan Beach Sentosa
Taking their final bow at the end of the show

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. I thought the whole event was pretty well-organized and had a user-friendly website for the Adventure Mission, although it was rather exhausting to run around the island searching for QR codes. But if you have kids, this would’ve been a really fun and interactive way to get all their energy out. Call me biased but despite having to pay for both our Adventure Mission prizes and the entry tickets to the Dance Parade, I felt it was worth it because the plushies and dancing Eevee characters were just so adorable. A fantastic night of cuteness overload ❤

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