Review: Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo Restaurant, Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)

After half a day out at Adventure Cove Waterpark, my husband and I decided to grab an early dinner here at Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo Restaurant located in the basement of Resorts World Sentosa’s The Forum. When we arrived at about 4.30pm, the restaurant was mostly empty, with a substantial queue starting to form only around 5.30pm. Upon entering, the staff informed that the rice dishes were unavailable that day, which was fine as we were intending to order ramen anyway.

Entrance to Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo restaurant

  • Our order:
    • Tonkotsu ramen ($12.90++)
    • Black spicy tonkotsu ramen ($13.90++)
  • Spent: SGD$31.55

As it wasn’t particularly crowded during the time we were dining here, the ambience was nice and quiet, with a comfortable distance between tables. Even when customers started filing in, the noise didn’t get overwhelming. Service was quite okay too and staff were generally prompt in attending to customers. One of them kindly lent us a charging cable as ours wasn’t working (:

Seating area at Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo restaurant

Bar seating area at Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo restaurant

Ordering took place via a QR code, with the option to pay online or at the cashier. One of the reasons why I love Keisuke outlets is that they provide free-flow beansprouts and hard-boiled eggs (although the Hamburg Steak Keisuke outlet is still my favourite with their amazing salad and egg buffet spread). Also, I typically don’t fancy eating ramen because I find most broths to be overly salty and the noodles too hard, so Keisuke outlets are great for me as they allow customization of the broth intensity, the amount of oil added and the noodle doneness.

My tonkotsu ramen had a rich and flavourful broth, tender chashu slices and wonderfully soft noodles as per my preference. My husband ordered the black spicy tonkotsu ramen, which was indeed very spicy but in an enjoyable way.

Something I noticed and really appreciated was how they served our warm water in these double-walled cups that retained heat so well such that I still had warm water to drink even at the end of my meal. In addition, because of this design, I didn’t have to be concerned with scalding my fingers either as the outside of the cup was cool to the touch. This might be a small detail but I found it to be a very thoughtful way of enhancing the dining experience.

Tonkotsu ramen and black spicy tonkotsu ramen with side dishes of beansprouts and hard-boiled eggs from Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo restaurant

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. Yay for the concept of free-flow beansprouts and eggs, as well as having the option to customize our ramen just the way we like it 😀 For this quality and tastiness, I thought the price we paid for our meal was very reasonable. Plus the ambience was calming given the minimalist Japanese aesthetic, perfect for winding down after our time at Adventure Cove Waterpark. I felt the service could afford to be warmer and more welcoming, but staff were still helpful when we asked them for assistance.

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