Review: Gogreen Eco Adventure, Sentosa Island (Singapore)

Gogreen Eco Adventure has two outlets in Singapore, one on Sentosa Island and the other on St. John’s Island. They specialize in renting out equipment such as bicycles and kick scooters. Previously, they used to rent out segways as well but it doesn’t seem to be offered on their website anymore.

My husband and I initially planned to use the last of our Sentosa Fun Pass tokens (that we purchased from Traveloka at $51 for 285 tokens) for tickets to the SkyHelix, Sentosa’s newly opened attraction. Alas, when we arrived at the Imbiah Lookout ticketing booth after checking out from W Hotel, the staff said the only remaining slot was at 9pm. That was too late a timing so we had to change up our plans. As my husband loves to cycle, we thought renting a bicycle for 2 hours would be the next best option.

Gogreen Eco Adventure rental shop facade

  • Inclusions:
    • 2-hour bicycle rental
  • Spent: SGD$5.37 (for 2 bicycles at 15 tokens each)

It was an easy and rather hassle-free rental process where we filled up a form and paid a $20 deposit (which would be refunded upon returning our bicycles). As we indicated our intention to cycle to Sentosa Cove, they gave us mountain bikes that allowed for changing gears, as well as mandatory helmets since we were going to be riding on the roads. For hygiene purposes, we were asked to don a shower cap before putting on our helmets. It turned out great as it kept my hair neat and away from all that perspiration.

The condition of the bicycles were quite varied – my husband got a newer, more slick-looking one while my initial bicycle looked really tired and rusty. Worried that it would give way on me, I requested to swap it for one that appeared less rusty. As we were exiting the shop, we spotted their resident cat lazing on one of the ramps, super cute (:

Rows of bicycles at Gogreen Eco Adventure rental shop

A cat sitting on one of the ramps at Gogreen Eco Adventure rental shop

We cycled towards Sentosa Cove, passing the beaches with the setting sun as a backdrop along the way. Unfortunately, when we got to the end of Tanjong Beach, we realized there was no through-road to Sentosa Cove (according to my husband, there used to be access). We had to double back and head there via the main road on Artillery Avenue instead.

Wow, this alternate route was tiresome as there were two fairly steep slopes to pedal up. I opted to walk up instead as my thighs weren’t having it. Plus, it was anxiety-provoking to be riding on the open road because you never know when you might encounter a rogue driver or a malfunctioning car 😛

The view of Tanjong Beach

Cycling along the paths beside the main road

Halfway through, I figured my legs were unlikely to survive the journey there and back, so I regretfully pulled the plug on our little escapade. We eventually returned our bicycles at the 1.5-hour mark and went to grab dinner after.

On hindsight, my husband commented that if we had continued to Sentosa Cove, we might’ve completely missed the sunset we were planning to catch aboard our cable car ride. Guess it turned out to be a good call!

The view of the setting sun at Siloso Beach

My overall rating of the experience: 3 out of 5 stars. Checking their regular prices for a 2-hour bicycle rental on their website, $21 is a tad hefty in my opinion. In addition, some of their bicycles are in quite an uninviting state, like the initial one I was offered. With that said, the bicycles did hold up throughout our journey and the brakes worked well too. Also, service from the staff here was warm and personable. They chatted with us and found out that our plan was to cycle to Sentosa Cove, so they recommended the most suitable bicycles to use. The riding paths along the beaches were flat and easy to navigate too.

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