Review: Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant, Kuta (Bali, Indonesia)

I was looking up recommended restaurants to visit for my Bali trip, and I came across this restaurant on TripAdvisor. The elaborate architecture was the first thing that caught my eye! The place was even more enchanting when my husband and I saw it for ourselves, it had an incredibly calming ambience.

Upon our arrival, a member of staff promptly attended to us and allowed us to choose our preferred seat location (they have different areas, as shown in the photos below). We chose to sit unsheltered under the clear evening sky as it was cool and breezy. Having dinner under the stars was a perfect way to end the day.

Tall bamboo tree-like structures at Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant

Boardwalk dining area at Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant

In one of the areas, there is the option to take off your shoes and sit with your feet in a pool of water as you dine. Thought it was quite an interesting concept for a restaurant that isn’t exactly close to the beach to have.

Dining area with tables and chairs partially submerged in a faux river at Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant

You could also choose to dine in one of the sheltered huts that lined the perimeter of the restaurant. The vibe here is more cosy with all the cushioned seats and pillows.

Sheltered hut dining area at Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant

Stone stairs entrance up to sheltered hut dining area at Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant

For a more private dining experience, there is a smaller area on the second level of one of the structures. It overlooks the entire restaurant, with a pretty nice view of the surrounding greenery.

Private dining area on second level at Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant

Now I’ll get to my review of the food! I should disclaim that I’m not a foodie type of person and most people I know would attest to the fact that I have a very “different” (euphemism alert) palate, so do take my food recommendations with a pinch of salt.

I really enjoyed the food here! Every dish we ordered was balanced and well-seasoned, not too plain yet not too overpoweringly flavourful. As there were only the two of us, we couldn’t order many dishes ): The clams in particular were fresh and juicy, and the chefs were very generous with the garlic in the sauce. My husband (who doesn’t usually take shellfish) was scooping up and relishing every last bit of garlic and sauce on that plate.

At the end of dinner, the staff presented us with a complimentary local dessert to celebrate our honeymoon. I’m more of a western desserts person so my husband ate most of it but I totally appreciated the thought (: Also took a snapshot of the staff celebrating someone’s birthday, balloons and all.

Wanaku IndoAsian Cuisine Restaurant staff with balloons singing a birthday song to a group of customers
Restaurant staff celebrating a guest’s birthday

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. The vibe and ambience here was so peaceful and relaxing thanks to the design of the environment (which was probably meant to make you feel like you’re surrounded by nature). Food was great and perfectly suited to our tastes. One downside was that it was rather pricey and not the most value for money compared to other restaurants serving similar fare. But all in all, it is a place I would definitely visit again (:

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