Review: Spa Infinity, Suntec City (Singapore)

Spa Infinity is one of the two spas I’ve been to in Singapore (only two because the prices here are generally rather exorbitant). My husband and I made a reservation with this one as there was a discount that made the price point more bearable on our wallets.

First impressions were good: The place looked spiffy with its modern furnishings and design, we were provided a preferences form to fill up (although it didn’t include which parts of my body I would like the masseuse to avoid), and the staff were well-mannered. However, there was no option to select our massage oil, we were simply given a generic one.

Spa Infinity storefront

Bottled spa products for sale on shelf display at Spa Infinity
Products for sale

We were ushered to a comfortable waiting lounge, but it wasn’t long before our masseuses came to show us to our individual massage rooms (a couple room would’ve warranted an extra fee). I was a little surprised though because, of all the spas I’ve visited in various countries, this was the only one that didn’t include a foot bath/scrub before the massage.

Waiting lounge with comfy armchairs at Spa Infinity
Waiting lounge

One thing I really liked about the masseuse I got was that she chatted with me just enough to get me settled in and comfortable, then subsequently let me have the time and space to wind down in silence. She also focused a good amount of time on my shoulders and upper back, as per my request on the preferences form. The massage bed was nicely heated and warm, which was great for me because I tend to get cold easily.

Unfortunately, there were a few downsides to this experience. The room was small and the door couldn’t be opened fully without having to move the massage bed out of the way. The massage bed was much smaller than what I’m used to as well (if it’s small for me, it would’ve been tiny for my husband).

According to the description of a Swedish massage on their website, I should have received smooth gliding strokes to relieve muscle tension. However, what I got at one too many points was short jerky motions that created tension and resistance instead. Also, I’m not sure if the massage bed was too tall for my masseuse but when she stood at the head of the bed and tried to do rolling motions down my back, her body kept pressing against my head forcefully and my hair ended up getting caught and tugged at. That was not fun. In addition, she didn’t seem very skilled in executing the massage. There were certain parts of the massage where her hands were not really in contact with my skin, so her movements were essentially not having any effect on me.

Single spa room massage bed and nearby sink at Spa Infinity
Massage room

At the end of our hour-long massage, we were offered a cup of strongly-spiced tea. The staff informed us that we could help ourselves to the food and drinks available (I had the glutinous rice with chicken and a barbecued pork bun). Sadly, the milo option didn’t work and dispensed a cup of hot water instead.

Food and drinks station with dispensers and disposable cutlery at Spa Infinity
Food and drinks station

Dining area with neatly lined tables and chairs at Spa Infinity
Dining area

Just before making payment (which set us back $33.17 per person), the receptionist understandably had to do her due diligence and recommend some spa packages to us (around $88 for a 1-hour session per person). She was very nice about it and wasn’t pushy at all, which I really appreciated. Even though we declined, she continued to respond politely and assisted us with the payment. Definitely a plus point.

My overall rating of the experience: 3 out of 5 stars. Generally I thought the environment was clean and pleasant, and the staff were courteous in their interactions with us. However, my aim of going to a spa is to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but I didn’t leave feeling like that largely due to my masseuse’s lack of finesse. My husband, on the other hand, felt otherwise with his masseuse. He spoke well of her ability to deliver a good deep tissue massage (which doesn’t come by very often for him). I guess your experience here would depend on which masseuse you get!

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