Review: Gusu Chinese Food Restaurant, Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)

My husband and I chanced upon this place while walking around looking for a lunch venue. It was along a street that was mostly populated with Asian restaurants. The prices and food photos on the menu looked pretty decent, so we decided to give it a go.

Street view of Gusu Chinese Food Restaurant

Entrance to Gusu Chinese Food Restaurant

Compared to the other Asian restaurants we peeked into along this street, this one had a nice, clean interior with a simple set-up. We ordered a chicken rice set and a steamer of xiao long bao. There was the option of upgrading the plain rice to fried rice for no extra cost, awesome (:

However, the food turned out to be not-so-awesome. The fried rice was quite tasteless while the flavour of the chicken was extremely salty and overpowering (had another experience with Asian food later in the trip where the sweet and sour chicken tasted equally like a smack in the face). The xiao long bao’s meat filling was also poorly seasoned and the soup inside was so-so. For the price we paid, we were not impressed.

Chicken fried rice and xiao long bao

My overall rating of the experience: 2 out of 5 stars. The meal we had here was more a functional tummy-filler than an enjoyable hunger-satisfier. Even then, we could probably get better-tasting tummy fillers elsewhere for a lower price, so more points deducted on that front. The only palatable aspects of this experience were the cleanliness of the restaurant environment and the kind lady who served us at the counter. Hope the chefs there work on balancing the flavours of the food better!

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