Review: Greenwood Fish Market Restaurant, Quayside Isle (Singapore)

As my husband and I were staying at W Hotel Sentosa Cove for the weekend, we thought it’d be a good opportunity to finally dine at Greenwood Fish Market. I’ve heard many positive reviews about them but their locations are usually a little too out of the way for us to specially travel there to eat. This branch at Quayside Isle was a stone’s throw away from the hotel and convenient to walk to (:

Drop-off point at Quayside Isle

Entrance to Greenwood Fish Market restaurant

  • Our order:
    • Hirami Japanese flounder ($79.95++)
    • 64% Valrhona Manjari chocolate fondant ($14.95++)
  • Spent: SGD$111.70

Just being situated along the coast almost always guarantees fantastic vibes! The apparent popular seating options that afternoon were certainly the ones outdoors. It was so packed that there weren’t any seats left save for those indoors, which was where we ended up since we didn’t have a reservation. It wasn’t too bad though as the natural daylight through the full-length windows lit up the space well. There was also a strong nautical theme going on in here.

Sea view from along the boulevard at Quayside Isle

Outdoor seating area at Greenwood Fish Market restaurant

Food prep counters at Greenwood Fish Market restaurant

Indoor seating area at Greenwood Fish Market restaurant

We initially wanted to order the Atlantic halibut but it was unfortunately not available that day. The staff recommended us the 400g Hirami Japanese flounder instead, which wasn’t on the menu. For the side of vegetables, we requested to exchange the eggplants and capsicums for more broccoli.

When the dish came, we realized that the bones, both large and small, were still in the fish. According to the staff, this particular cut comes with the bones in but mentioned that the chef could help us debone it. However, after the deboning, we still had to wrestle with the smaller bones throughout the meal. Despite the wonderful texture and freshness of the fish, it was terribly difficult for me to fully enjoy the meal as I was more focused on whether another bone would surface in my next bite. The fragrant, generous dose of garlic everywhere on the plate was very welcome though.

Hirami Japanese flounder dish from Greenwood Fish Market restaurant

We also ordered a chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream to share. Taking about 20 minutes to be prepared, the chocolate fondant arrived warm and oozed lightly-sweetened liquid chocolate, pairing nicely with the ice cream.

64% Valrhona Manjari chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream from Greenwood Fish Market restaurant

Our seating location was quite far indoors and away from the main crowds on the outside, where most of the service staff were positioned. There was a buzzer on the table we could press if we needed assistance, but it took a substantial amount of time for anyone to respond to us, which was a tad frustrating. At one point, I figured it’d be more effective to walk out to approach them instead. Guess that’s just how it is with the weekend peak period crowds.

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. I love the breezy, sunny atmosphere at this restaurant by the coast, with the sea views best enjoyed from a table outdoors (gotta make those reservations in advance!). The food tasted really good too, although if you don’t like your dining experience to be hampered by picking fish bones from your teeth, you might want to ask the staff to recommend a more suitable cut. The lengthy wait time for staff to attend to us was the main issue but it might’ve been due to the peak weekend crowd and the fact that we were seated all the way indoors. Also, prices aren’t exactly pocket-friendly here, so this will probably be more of a special occasion type of venue in my books. All in all, it was a pleasant experience and I do hope they will open a branch somewhere slightly more central and accessible!

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