Review: Singapore Cable Car, Sentosa Island (Singapore)

On Sentosa Island, there are two separate cable car lines. One of them is the Mount Faber Line, which brings you from the mainland across to the island and vice versa, and the other is the Sentosa Line, which traverses the key attraction landmarks within the island itself.

I can’t remember the last time I actually took a cable car ride at Sentosa, the memory is so vague that it probably happened back when I was very young. As such, I thought it’d be a nice time to revisit the experience, especially since my husband and I won free Sentosa Fun Pass tokens from scratch-and-win cards that came with our SingapoRediscovers Vouchers spend at the island. We exchanged these tokens for tickets that gave us access to a round trip each on the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line.

The view of the Siloso Point station from a cable car
Siloso Point cable car station

  • Inclusions:
    • 1-day cable car sky pass (Mount Faber + Sentosa Line round trip) tickets
  • Spent: SGD$0 (for 2 tickets at 20 tokens each)

After checking out of W Hotel, we headed to the Imbiah Lookout station to take the Sentosa Line, which roughly spans 20 minutes for a round trip. There was a short queue when we arrived but thankfully, it cleared quickly. It was a bonus that we got the whole cable car to ourselves too! You’ll have to be slightly nimble to hop aboard as the cable cars are constantly moving, albeit at a slow pace.

Entrance to the Imbiah Lookout cable car station

Cable cars moving in and out of the station

The interior of the cable car

The weather was great for such a trip as this and we got to soak in the fantastic vistas from a high vantage point. We spent most of our time in the cable car walking back and forth to capture shots of the landscapes that we barely used the seats.

Short of completing the entire round trip, we decided to alight at the Siloso Point station as we wanted to check out Fort Siloso and also spend the last of our Sentosa Fun Pass tokens by renting bicycles from Gogreen Eco Adventure.

The view of Siloso Beach from a cable car

The view of the cable car lines with other cable cars in sight

The view of the city from a cable car

After returning our bicycles, we attempted to make our way to the Sentosa station. However, we had trouble finding directions (it is actually very near the Imbiah Lookout station where we were at earlier) and ended up at the Imbiah tram station instead. These two stations may share the same name but they are terribly far apart. For those of you who have undertaken this walk, you’ll know it is fraught with narrow pathways and unfriendly uphill climbs due to ongoing construction in the area. I was slightly bummed at this miscalculation as that meant us potentially missing the sunset aboard the cable car.

Entrance to the Sentosa cable car station

When we finally got up in the air, we managed to catch the last light just as the sun went down. Oh well, at least we got to see the glimmering city night lights too.

A round trip on this line takes about 30 minutes and it does brings you fairly high up so if you’re fearful of heights, you might want to think twice about boarding. I’m personally a little afraid (because my mind runs through all sorts of possible anxiety-provoking scenarios) so maybe it was a blessing in disguise that it was almost dark when we boarded. I suspect the lack of lighting muted my depth perception enough such that the ride remained enjoyable.

The view of the fading sunset from a cable car
Catching the last light

The view of the city lights from a cable car

In fact, the experience on both lines reminded me fondly of our time snorkelling at Moreton Island. It was quite noisy when our cable car moved in and out of the stations but the juxtaposition of utter silence the moment we swooshed out into the open, that was truly unforgettable. I relished that moment each time we exited a station as it felt surprisingly similar to that peaceful sense of calm we got underwater.

The view of the Mount Faber station from a cable car

My overall rating of the experience: 4 out of 5 stars. I wasn’t expecting this cable car experience to leave such a positively deep impression but I guess it did! I’d attribute it greatly to being able to enjoy the picturesque scenes of the gorgeous surroundings from above, as well as the quiet, tranquil moments just as our cable car swept out of the stations. Alas, the process of locating the Sentosa station on the Mount Faber Line did get me a tad frazzled as we ended up at the wrong location and had to walk a significant distance to rectify that. Having said that, riding these cable cars is definitely something I’d do again should the opportunity arise (:

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